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Stutt Football Team makes Motsepe League debut

Stutt Football Team makes Motsepe League debut

Rance Timber-supported football club, Try Again, is poised to make their eagerly-awaited ABC Motsepe League debut this weekend.

The Stutterheim-based club was promoted to the prestigious Motsepe league following a spirited performance in the SAB playoffs earlier this year. They now face PE Stars in the league opener on 16 September.

This will be the first time a Stutterheim team have been promoted into the third tier of South African football.

“This proves that with the support of their local community, and the right sponsorship, we can see a club from Stutterheim play in the Premier Soccer League,” says Rance Timber Stakeholder Relations Manager, Harold Mrashula.

Rance Timber has a long-standing association with the club, and currently has two staff members who play for the team. The company supports Try Again with funding towards their travel expenses.

“This is another way in which Rance ploughs back into the community,” Mrashula said. “We are passionate about growing a better, healthier Stutterheim society. By supporting sport at this level, we are encouraging our youth the get involved in healthy pursuits, and hopefully providing an incentive for them to steer clear of drugs and other harmful practices.”
Mrashula said the company is following the team’s progress carefully, and would consider increasing its support for the players if the team continues to perform well.
The ABC Motsepe League, known as the Vodacom League between 1998-2012, was founded in 1998 as the current Second Division and the overall third tier of South African football. The competition is regulated by SAFA.

Try Again currently has 30 players between the ages of 17 to 30. A further 30 players, aged 14 to 19 years, play in the lower Stutterheim Football Association (STUFA) division.

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